ODM succeeded experience

We received a call at 15.00 hrs one afternoon and on the other side a man asking us if able to repair the Ship. We examined the damage, cut the patch, quickly made up a suspension cage and attacked the repair. The vessel set sail 52 hours later We received a copy of the Lloyds marine survey certificate a few weeks later, after it was inspected in Argentina.


Mozambique has a 4300 m2 manufacturing facility with the following equipment:

● Heavy bay with 2 x 50 tonne overhead cranes;
● Lighter bay with a 10 tonne overhead crane;
● 300t guillotine (3.2m x 12mm);
● 300t pressbrake (3.2m x 12mm);
● 2.6m rolls;
● 1.5m radial arm drilling;
● Omada CNC bandsaw;
● 5t Forklift;
● 20 x CO2 MIG welding machines;
● 2 x TIG welding machines;
● 3 x aluminium welding machines;
● Profile cutter (Oxy/Acet + Plasma) 15m x 3m;
● orse/trailer rig with 16metre abnormal load flat deck trailer

Duys Mozambique is ISO 9001.2000 accredited, with a current staff compliment of almost 100 people, almost all Mozambican nationals.