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We received a call at 15.00 hrs one afternoon and on the other side a man asking us if able to repair the Ship. We examined the damage, cut the patch, quickly made up a suspension cage and attacked the repair. The vessel set sail 52 hours later We received a copy of the Lloyds marine survey certificate a few weeks later, after it was inspected in Argentina.


With more than 800 employees and an annual turnover in excess of R300 million, The Duys Engineering Group is a heavy, structural and mechanical engineering group with the flexibility and resources to service the short and long-term needs of a broad spectrum of clients, both across Southern Africa and internationally.

The Group maintains extensive facilities in New Germany, Richards Bay, Krugersdorp and Maputo and has found considerable success by focusing its engineering capacity on key relationships with significant industries, most notably in the aluminium, sugar and automotive sectors.

The Duys Engineering Group’s dedication to maintaining lasting partnerships with clients is a strong feature of the group’s ethos and it remains constantly prepared to deploy its vast technical and human resources to meet dynamic client requirements.

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